The 沙巴体育官网 service counter is now located in the Main Terminal of DIA, 在第5层(行李提取层), 机场西侧, 在12号行李提取处和512门附近.

Ride with 沙巴体育官网, formerly Colorado Mountain Express, on our 丹佛机场穿梭巴士 that operates between 丹佛国际机场 (DIA) and ski resort towns including 维尔, 出台, 海狸溪, 梯形, 和更多的. 查看我们的全部 航天飞机计划 or book a private airport car service with our 总理沙巴体育官网注册.

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丹佛国际机场 sees almost 80 million passengers traveling through each year, with 24 airlines providing service to 28 international and 189 domestic destinations. 沙巴体育官网 operates a 宾客沙巴体育官网注册柜台 for check-in on 5级 of Jeppesen Terminal, and also offers a mobile check-in for passengers with a U.S. phone number and correct flight information.

“沙巴体育官网” 宾客沙巴体育官网注册柜台 is in the main terminal at Denver Airport. Collect all checked luggage and oversized items (skis, 自行车, golf clubs) and then head to the counter. 截至2023年4月, the 沙巴体育官网 service counter is located on 5级, 机场西侧, near luggage carousel #12 and Door 512.

For information on TSA security wait times at DIA, visit

沙巴体育官网 service counter at 丹佛国际机场

沙巴体育官网 is the easiest way to start your ski trip. Reserve services from 丹佛国际机场 (DEN) to 维尔, 出台, 阿斯彭, 海狸溪, 和更多的. Explore mountain ski resorts and take in the views of the Rocky Mountains! Just sit back and relax on a stress-free Denver Airport shuttle. Getting a ride to/from DIA has never been easier.

沙巴体育官网 offers both daily shared-ride shuttles and private transportation to/from DIA. Private cars from Denver are available through our a private Premier Mountain Express service. Pick the vehicle that’s right for you and hit the most popular ski resorts the Rocky Mountains have to offer:

Reserve all your 丹佛国际机场 transportation to Colorado ski resorts with 沙巴体育官网. Not flying out of 丹佛国际机场? 沙巴体育官网 also offers scheduled shuttles to/from 鹰 维尔机场(EGE).

Premier Mountain Express

按照你的计划旅行. Our scheduled shuttles from Denver Airport to 阿斯彭 are the best deals, but sometimes you need to travel on your own schedule. 与我们的 Premier Mountain Express汽车沙巴体育官网注册 we offer private chauffeured cars from DEN to ski resorts across Colorado. Our private airport charters to ski resorts are available 24/7 with options for luxury SUVs (up to 5 passengers) and chartered vans (up to 12 passengers). Start your next vacation with a luxury private car service!

Private charters are also available to resorts for weddings, 会议, 执行运输, 特殊的场合, 和更多的.


As long as we have the correct flight information in your reservation, we will move you to the next available shuttle after the flight is scheduled to land. If you have changed flight number or carrier, please call 970-754-7433 or email 让我们知道最新的消息. We will do our best to accommodate the change, provided there is availability.

If you have a domestic mobile number in your reservation, you will receive a text message approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled shuttle departure with a check in link. 否则, you’ll check in at the Airport service counter, 位于第5层, 机场西侧, near luggage carousel #12 and Door 512.

是的. Shuttles departing from the 鹰 维尔 Airport are flight specific and will depart once guests with reservation have collected bags and are loaded on board the shuttle. If your flight is delayed or arrives early, EME will be there for this flight. This is not the case for Denver flights. 它们按照固定的时间表运行.

“沙巴体育官网” 宾客沙巴体育官网注册柜台 is in the main terminal at Denver Airport, 5级, 位于西侧, 在12号行李提取处和512门附近.

The following information is needed at the time of booking: Name of traveler, 旅游人数, 旅行日期, 飞进/飞出机场, 住宿地点, Airline information (airline name and flight number), 沙巴体育官网人手机号码, email address and credit card information (number, 截止日期, CVV码, 名片上的姓名, 帐单(邮政编码)付款.

是的: Please contact our reservations center at 970-754-7433 or email 我们很乐意为您提供帮助. Though all changes are subject to availability at the time requested, and there may be a rate change.

You can manage a reservation through the website